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James Paskinni
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I ordered a Eames Lounge Chair replica. Not being able to try it, I had to base myself of websites and reviews. Well, I did a great thing. This chair I purchased is simply fantastic. I spent a bit of time on the website and was able to chat with someone on staff. The service was impeccable, the shipping was quick and efficient. The Chair itself was fully assembled and in pristine condition. I was happy because it had just traveled 5000 km from Vancouver to Quebec. I highly recommend this company and the products they sell, I would redo business with them any day.

Scott Spencer
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Great customer service, great quality in the chair (Eames Lounge / Ottoman replica). Very happy with my purchase.

Peter Melville
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Beautiful chair (Eames-style lounge w/ottoman). We absolutely love it. So comfortable--even the kids fight for opportunity to sit in it. The chair was delivered much sooner than I expected. Worth the money, for sure.

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About FPlus Lounge Chair


  1. Cushions are removable
  2. Chair features 360-degree swivel
  3. Chair features fixed 15-degree tilt
  4. Die-cast aluminum braces and base
  5. This item is shipped fully assembled
  6. Aniline leather is 100% real leather imported from Italy
  7. Upholstered in your choice of Top Grain, Aniline, Vintage, and Cowhide Leather
  8. Braided thread used with Lockstitch (stitch type #301) ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting
  9. Injected Cushions are constructed of Dacron-wrapped multi-density CA-167. This results in an extremely comfortable chair with the highest level of durability
  10. Plywood veneer is FAS American Timber. FAS certified means that they are the best cuts from the log with minimal knots. These are sourced exclusively from the USA, Canadian and Brazilian companies

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Solid Wood Chair in Ancient China Style

Simple, strong and exquisite, the CH24 Wishbone Chair designed by Hans Wegner is an delicately crafted furniture piece that brings elegance to any places. This classic design was the last part of a Wegner series inspired by Chinese Ming Dynasty chairs. The iconic Y-shaped back offers comfortable support while providing stability to the steam-bent top.

Considered one of Hans Wegner most well-known chairs, the CH24 Wishbone Chair remains popular nowadays. The curved hind legs and the semicircular top rail together with the elegant Y-back endows the chair with a delicate and harmonious atmosphere in different scenarios.

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Wooden Chair or Plastic Chair for Your Dining Room?

Known for his use of creative forms and bold color, Verner Panton designed the Panton Chair in 1960. One of the earliest models is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Nowadays the Panton Chair is regarded as a classic of modern furniture design. The original version of the chair is in rigid polyurethane foam with a glossy lacquer finish is marketed under the name Panton Chair Classic.

The Panton Chair is the first chair to be created from just one piece of material, using a single mold.

Egg Chair (1958)

Egg Chair de Arne Jacobsen

La icónica silla Egg de Arne Jacobsen combina la forma sensual y estética con elementos de comodidad y funcionalidad. Fabricada expresamente para el vestíbulo del hotel Royal de Copenhague en 1958, el diseño de esta silla ha celebrado más de 50 años representando la estética del modernismo.

La silla Egg ha contribuido significantemente en el diseño nórdico. Esta silla, con el objetivo de ofrecer privacidad, tiene un aspecto acogedor que se integra en cualquier entorno convirtiéndose en el punto central de cualquier espacio. La silla Egg ha sido expuesta en memorables producciones cinematográficas y tiene un papel significativo en el sexto libro de Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy (Guía del autoestopista galáctico).

Classic Chair Designs of the 50s by Charles and Ray Eames

The “Eames Chair” is a stackable design classic. Photo © Ailine Liefeld

Almost everyone of us has parked ourselves in one of their chairs.  Perhaps you have seen their video “Powers of Ten,” one of my favorites.

The chair designs by Charles and Ray Eames are iconic.

Even if you  like the Aeron by Hermann Miller better, there is no getting around it, the Eames chairs are legendary.

Here is a look at just a few of them.

Watch the video linked below, complete with retro music, that will show you a behind the scenes view of how the Eames fiberglass chairs were constructed in the past–those design changed the way we view seating.  You can read an more about  how the Eames are still influencing Scandinavian Design today in Europe.

Cozy Lounge Chair for Your Living Room – Womb Chair

A request from Florence Knoll: “a chair that was like a basket full of pillows-something she could really curl up in.” and then, a mid-century classic chair Womb Chair was created.

This chair, designed by Eero Saarinen. Like its name, womb chair supports countless positions and provides a comforting sense of security. It is not only a classic furniture but also a cozy chair for your living room.

With its polished chrome base and a frame upholstered in fabric over a fiberglass shell, Eero Saarinen breaks molds and sets new standards for modern design.

The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design

Ray and Charles Eames Lounge Chair, perhaps the principle symbol of accessible Modernism, gets an appropriate four-color treatment with The Eames Lounge Chair: An Icon of Modern Design, an in-depth examination of chair creation and subsequent eminence. First conceived in the early 50s as a modern answer to lounge chairs found in men is clubs, the Eames Lounge chair has been in production ever since by Herman Miller. The book features keen examinations on the icon, with photographs and illustrations of the chair and its Eames predecessors, as well as documenting its evolution and cultural importance through the decades.

Eames DSW Dining Chair

DSW Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames was a combination of minimalist design and perfect ergonomic contour. As a winning prototype of the Low Cost Design Competition organised by the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1948, the DSW chair is recognised for its revolutionary design, combining comfort and original style. All these make the DSW to be a celebrated furniture classic of the 20th century. Longevity was as much a part of the Eames philosophy to design, as artistic flair, comfort and functionality.

The couple believed that “design is a method of action,” and they continually updated their work as new material became available. The technique of moulded plastic made their desinger furniture available to be one of first chairs to be mass produced.

Eames DSW Dining Chair (Dining height Side chair Wood) offers many practical features that ergonomically curved form is perfectly adapted to the shape of the body. Rubber shock mounts connect the seat and base which enhances the chairs adaptability making it comfortable over long periods. In fact, the seat was ergonomically sound years before Health and Safety Executives made it a priority.

10 Obscure Facts about the Eames Lounge Chair

Thinking about buying an Eames Lounge chair?

Not only would it make an excellent

addition to your home or office,

it will also add loads class and history

to any room.  If you are aiming for the mid-century

look, an Eames Lounge chair is an absolute must.

It is one of the most recognizable chairs

in history and its popularity exists till this day.

This chair is a fantastic investment.

Although replicas are almost as comfortable

as the authentic version, authentic

chairs are able to retain more of its value.

This very comfortable chair has some

incredibly history behind it.

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